Laff limit: 61
Gag pouch: 50
Jellybean pouch: 120
Toontask capacity: 4
Teleport access to: The Brrrgh
Gag track training: Yes
Gag track training
The last two remaining gag tracks that were not chosen before.


Gag track training

Animation frames

Toons will need sixteen frames of the gag track animation to be able to use that gag track. HQ Officers will offer random ToonTasks for these.

The following were reported by other players. As such, toons may not have the same ToonTasks.

  1. Task: A Cog Factory (Sellbot HQ)
  2. Task: Defeat 36 Cogs (The Brrrgh)
  3. Task: Defeat 8 Level 8+ Cogs (Anywhere)
  4. Task: Defeat 22 Cogs (Sellbot HQ)
  5. Task: Defeat 14 Level 5+ Cogs (Sellbot HQ)
  6. Task: Defeat a factory Foreman (Sellbot HQ)
  7. Task: Defeat 6 Level 7+ Cogs (Anywhere)
  8. Task: Defeat 6 Level 5+ Skelecogs (Sellbot HQ)
  9. Task: Defeat 8 Loan Sharks (Anywhere)
  10. Task: Defeat 16 Level 4+ Cogs (Sellbot HQ)
  11. Task: Defeat 55 Cogs (Anywhere)
  12. Task: Defeat 2 Level 8+ Cogs (Anywhere)
  13. Task: Defeat 2 Level 4+ Story Lawbot Buildings (Anywhere)
  14. Task: Defeat 2 Cog Factories (Sellbot HQ)
  15. Task: Defeat 30 Level 5+ Cogs (Anywhere)
  16. Task: Defeat 15 Two Faces (Anywhere)
  17. Task: Defeat 20 Ambulance Chasers (Anywhere)

Important tasks

Laff boost

Test ToonTask

In January 2012, some ToonTasks have been altered or removed in the Test server.

  • The ability to carry more jellybeans has been removed.

The following have been altered:

The following has been added:

The Brrrgh ToonTask Guide

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