Toon Memory Game
Toon Memory Game
Number of toons: 1-4
Minimum jellybeans: 45
Maximum jellybeans: 83
Time limit: 150 seconds
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Toon Memory Game is a trolley game. The minimum number of toons required to play is one. This game was released on the Test Server on March 16, 2007[1] and on March 29, 2007[2] to the public alongside Jungle Vines, Toon Slingshot, and Treasure Dive.


Press Delete to open a card. Match 2 cards to score a point. Make a match with the bonus glow and earn an extra point. Earn more points by keeping the flips low.

The objective is to clear the board by matching two cards one-by-one within the time limit. The toon must flip the cards over to reveal an image and find a matching card hidden somewhere on the board. Only two cards can be flipped at once.

When playing alone, the toon can flip two cards. However, playing with two or more toons will require teamwork, and each toon may only flip one card. Toons may jump to allow other team members to locate a matching card.

Along the board is a glowing tile that moves around. Matching a pair that is on top of a glowing tile gives an extra point.

The goal is to keep the flips as low as possible. The flip counter will indicate whether it is sufficient by color-coding: green for the least number of flips, red for the most number of flips. When the toons complete the board, they will receive a "Perfect" score.


Action Keyboard
Move left, up, down, right, or diagonally Arrow keys (← ↑ ↓ →)
Flip a card Delete
Jump Ctrl


Neighborhood 1 player 2 players 3 players 4 players
Toontown Central 45 45 50 55
Donald's Dock 50 50 55 61
Daisy Gardens 54 54 60 66
Minnie's Melodyland 59 59 65 72
The Brrrgh 63 63 70 77
Donald's Dreamland 68 68 75 83
The maximum number of jellybeans that can be earned per player


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