Toon Memory Game is a trolley game.

Introducing the Game

In the Toon Memory Game, your goal is to flip the cards and match up pairs with each other. To flip a card over you have to stand on the card you want and then press Delete or Insert to flip it over. Only two cards can be open at once. One important note is that if you are playing with others you have to work together, since you can only open one card on your own. For a match to be made, two toons have to separately pick cards that are matched up against each other. Playing the game with three or four players gives more jellybeans than playing it alone or with just one other player. Also, there are more cards when more toons are playing.

As you play the game, there is a glowing square that keeps moving around. If you match a pair while the glow is on one of the cards, you will earn an extra bonus point. You get rewarded for the number of matches you make in the game but also earn points by making as little flips as possible while matching the cards. If you get all the cards, a sign will come out saying "PERFECT!!!"


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This game, to some toons, was mentioned as "the hardest trolley game to finish on your own".

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