Toon Platoon

The Toon Platoon

The Toon Platoon is a board in Toon Headquarters. It was first released on September 10, 2002[1] with Building Stars and March 20, 2003[2] with the Toon Platoon. It lists the top ten currently online toons and how many cog building floors they have defeated.[3] If a toon defeats enough cog buildings, they will get a star. Each floor grants one point.[4]

If a building that a toon has rescued is taken over by the cogs, the toon loses credits to that building. If the toon switches districts, the credits do not travel over as each district has its own Toon Platoon.[5]


This table lists the minimum number of buildings to obtain a star.
Star Points Minimum Number of Buildings for a Star
One Story Two Stories Three Stories Four Stories Five Stories
Bronze 10 10 5 4 3 2
Spinning Bronze 20 20 10 7 5 4
Silver 30 30 15 10 8 6
Spinning Silver 50 50 25 17 13 10
Gold 75 75 38 25 19 15
Spinning Gold 100 100 50 34 25 20


  • Some time around 2011-2012, there was a bug meaning that toons could accumulate impossible numbers on the toon platoon. This was fixed at a later date.[Citation Needed »]



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