Toon Slingshot
Toon Slingshot
Number of toons: 1-4
Minimum jellybeans: 28
Maximum jellybeans: 43
Time limit: None
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Toon Slingshot is a trolley game. The minimum number of toons required to play is one.This game was released on the Test Server on March 16, 2007[1] and on March 29, 2007[2] to the public alongside Jungle Vines, Ice Slide, Treasure Dive and Toon Memory Game.


Land on targets to score points.

The objective is to slingshot the toon into a target. There are three rounds to accomplish. In order to land on a target, the toon is given an umbrella. The goal is to land on the center of the smallest target available; doing so will reward a higher jellybean reward. When playing with two or more toons, each toon takes a turn.

Toons will start out on a slingshot and must press the "Left" and "Right" arrow keys repeatedly to build up power. There is a time limit to build up power; reaching the end of the time limit will automatically slingshot the toon. The toon may also let go of the arrow keys to shoot themselves from the slingshot.

Toon Slingshot 1


While in the air, the toon is given an option to open the umbrella by pressing the "Down" arrow key. When the umbrella is open, the toon can reposition their landing spot with the arrow keys in an attempt to land on a target. Scattered around the course are trampolines, allowing the toon to continue their air-time before landing. However, only one trampoline can be used during each round; landing on a trampoline a second time will end the round.

After landing the toon bounces for a few seconds, allowing for a different result not intended. The bouncing cannot be controlled, and therefore may affect the results. When landing on a target successfully, the toon victory dances with the sound used when using the Bamboo Cane. If the toon does not land on a target, the sad effect used during cog battles is used.

Depending on the playground, the targets will be smaller but yield more points.


Action Keyboard
To shoot out of the slingshot Arrows keys (← →)
Opening the umbrella Down arrow key (↓)
Move left, up, down, right, or diagonally Arrow keys (← ↑ ↓ →)


Neighborhood 1 player 2 players 3 players 4 players
Toontown Central 28 28 28 28
Donald's Dock 31 31 31 31
Daisy Gardens 34 34 34 34
Minnie's Melodyland 37 37 37 37
The Brrrgh 40 40 40 40
Donald's Dreamland 43 43 43 43
The maximum number of jellybeans that can be earned per player


  • Toon Slingshot is Flippy's favorite trolley game, "As a dog he likes the wind blowing in his face."[Citation Needed »]
  • If you are able to land in a circle your toon will start dancing a victory dance, but with audio of the Bamboo Cane. If you miss a circle, the same sound and animation as when you become sad is heard.
  • It is possible to do an umbrella glitch using the umbrella in Toon Slingshot, but no one else can see it.
  • When the game was first released, it was called the Target Game.[3]
  • When the game was first introduced to Toontown's Test server, the texture for the umbrellas had not been finalized yet, so substitute textures were used.


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