Toon Slingshot is a Trolley game.

Introducing the game

In Toon Slingshot you start the game sitting in a slingshot holding an umbrella. You have 3 attempts to shoot yourself out of the slingshot, open up your umbrella and land inside one of the targets for points. To start off you have to pound your RIGHT and LEFT arrow key to get some power into your shot. You can aim your shot by pounding one of the direction keys or go for the middle by alternating between them. Once you feel you have enough power just let go of the keys and you will be shot out of the sling shot. If you don't pound the arrow keys you will still be shot out of the sling, after a certain amount of time, but you won't have much power and most likely hit nothing but dirt.


Once you are in the air you should keep an eye out for the targets on the ground and unfold your umbrella to start descending on one of them. To open your umbrella press the DOWN key and your toon will start sailing towards the ground. While your umbrella is up you can use your LEFT and RIGHT keys to steer towards the target you want. You can watch your shadow on the ground when you're trying to determine if you will hit the target or not. When you land your toon will bounce a few times on the ground so you should try to aim your landing so that you don't bounce right off the target again. If you land in the center of the target you get more points than if you land on the perimeter. Some of the targets are smaller and give more points than the big ones. The score you receive determines the number of jellybeans you earn and is independent on how many players in the game. However which playground you are playing at has an effect on how many jellybeans you can earn. The score you get at the end of the game is based on your best hit out of three. On the ground there are also some trampolines. Hitting the trampolines don't give any extra points but they can help you reach a target further away if you need an extra boost.

Maximum Number of Jellybeans

Note: The Jellybean Numbers are for per player only.

Maximum Jellybeans Earned playing Toon Slingshot
Neighborhood 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player
Toontown Central 28 28 28 28
Donald's Dock 32 32 32 32
Daisy's Gardens 34 34 34 34
Minnie's Melodyland 37 37 37 37
The Brrrgh 40 40 40 40
Donald's Dreamland 42 42 42 42


  • Toon Slingshot is Flippy's favorite trolley game. (As a dog he likes the wind blowing in his face.)
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