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Toon Tag is a Trolley Game.

Introducing the game

You need to be at least 2 players to play Toon Tag. One toon will start the game as "IT", while the others race to collect treasures in the form of ice cream cones. Who is "IT" at the start of the game is random. You can easily identify the player that is "IT" since their head will be much larger than the other players and they'll have an arrow pointing at them. The player who is "IT" can't take any cones and must chase down one of the other toons and tag him/her in order to make him "IT" instead.


The Toon Tag game lasts for 60 seconds and works the same no matter what playground you are in. Whoever collects the most cones wins the most jellybeans. There is no bonus in being more than 2 players but with 4 players you have a better chance at not being "IT" in the round.

Here is the max number of jellybeans:

Maximum number of jellybeans you can earn playing Toon Tag:
Neiborhood 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player
Toontown Central None 50 50 50
Donald's Dock None 56 56 56
Daisy Gardens None 60 60 60
Minnie's Melodyland None 66 66 66
The Brrrgh None 70 70 70
Donald's Dreamland None 76 76 76
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