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Toon Tag was originally a Tech Demo that released in 1997 at the now-defunct Disney's Internet Zone at Epcot. Toon Tag is known to be the predecessor of Disney's Toontown Online, being based around a game of tag. Instead of controlling Toons, players could control Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald around the area. This game is notable for using many graphics and models from Toontown Online.[Citation Needed »]


Players could control four Disney Characters including Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy around an area shaped like an "8". The area was a wide open space with fence, some (unenterable) buildings and a set of train tracks. The player has to catch one of the other characters to "Tag" them, much like the Trolley Game.


  • At some point, Jesse Schell (one of the original developers of Toontown) and Roy Disney played Toon Tag as Donald and Mickey, respectively; when asked what he thought about it, Disney replied, "It's really keen." Jesse Schell considers this to be one of his fondest memories of working on the game.
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