Toon Trooper Jellybean Weekend

Toon Troopers celebrating Jellybean Weekend

The Toon Troop, also known as the Toon Troopers, is a group of toons appointed by Flippy and the Toon Council to host public events.

Toon Troopers are identified with a whistle icon above their nametag. They also have the title "Toon Trooper" before their name.


Toon Troop Parties

Toon Troopers hosting victory parties

The Toon Troop first appeared in celebration of the battle against the two week mega cog invasions in June 2010.[1] They attended and hosted victory parties during the month of July.[2]

The Toon Troop reappeared in celebration of defeating the Vice President and the Sellbots during Operation: Storm Sellbot in August 2010. With the Sellbots' defeat, toons were rewarded with a free jellybean bank that holds 12,000 jellybeans. The Toon Troop held jellybean parties in October 2010 in order to fill the new banks with jellybeans.[3]

Accessory Parties with Toon Troopers

Toon Troopers wearing accessories for the accessory party

The Toon Troop returned for Jellybean Week, where Tabitha, Terry, and Tycho made an appearance to give out free jellybeans.[4] They made another appearance in celebration of the new accessories, where Tabitha, Tatum, Teo, Toby, and Tycho looked for toons wearing the "wackiest and most stylish" accessories.[5]


Toon Troopers attending winter parties

The Toon Troop occasionally appears during events and seasonal parties, such as summer and winter parties. They first hosted winter parties in celebration of the winter season. During the parties, the Toon Troop gives out free jellybeans and are often seen wearing clothes depicting the season or otherwise, clothes that are given out through codes.[6]


Meet the Toon Troop

Members of the Toon Troop

Name Species Color Gender
Tabitha Duck Citrine Female
Taffy Dog Periwinkle Female
Tami Duck Aqua Female
Tasha Horse Maroon Female
Tatum Bear Coral Female
Ted Bear Blue* Male
Teddy Bear Royal Blue Male
Teo Horse Bright Red Male
Terrence Mouse Bright Red Male
Tessa Monkey Maroon Female
Tiberius Dog Orange Male
Tiffany Mouse Bright Red Female
Tim Mouse Yellow Male
Toby Rabbit Aqua Male
Tom Dog Lime Green Male
Tor Pig Bright Red Male
Travis Rabbit Aqua Male
Trent Mouse Brown Male
Tycho Monkey Royal Blue Male


  • Similarly to the Resistance Rangers, the names of every Toon Troopers begin with the letter T.
  • The Toon Troopers have gag tracks that have up to level 6 gags and gag tracks that have level 7 gags that have already been used.



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