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This article is about the toon structure. For more uses of "Building", see Building.

A toon building is a building owned by an NPC toon. Every street and playground contains toon buildings. However, on streets, cogs may transform the toon building into a cog building, which involves toons going through a series of floors of cogs to reclaim the building. Toon buildings will be different in certain areas, mainly in looks. Usually, toon buildings are required to be visited to complete a ToonTask or get a ToonTask.


  • Unlike cog buildings, toons cannot summon toon buildings, as the buildings are toon buildings by default.
  • In some minor buildings, such as Visible Ink and Jest for Laughs on Loopy Lane, or other nameless buildings do not have shopkeepers.
  • Most toon building names are puns.
  • There can be toon buildings that do not have doors, and they can not be taken by cogs or have shopkeepers.


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