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Toons have distinct colors to tell each other apart from other toons. There are currently twenty-four colors in Toontown, not including black, white, and grey. Colors are chosen in the Create-A-Toon and are permanent.


Each color has a different shade such as red, bright red and maroon.

Special Colors

These colors are unique. They are unobtainable from the Create-A-Toon.


Main article: Black cat


Black is the most unique type of color. This is only available to cats that have been created on Halloween.

To become black, follow these instructions:

  1. Make a cat toon with any color
  2. Enter the Toontorial
  3. Meet Flippy in the Toontorial
  4. Flippy will ask toons to say a word from the green SpeedChat button.
  5. Say "Toontastic!" from the SpeedChat>Happy phrases.

The effect is permanent.


Main article: No color


White is available to both paid members and free members.

The no color reward lasts depending on how far toons have gotten through their Toontask journey.

Another way to become white, is to visit Paula Behr in Hibernation Vacations in The Brrrgh and say "Howdy!" via SpeedChat. Note that this will also make the toon much taller.


Grey (or gray) is a color only naturally worn by the unnamed shopkeeper captured in a Field Office that took over an unnamed building. In the original Make-a-Toon, a toon was grey until a color was chosen for it. This color is unobtainable for players.

Green (March)

Main article: Green toon

From March 14 to March 20, toons can become green by doing this:

  1. Go to Daisy Gardens.
  2. Go to Oak Street.
  3. Visit the shop Green Bean Jeans.
  4. When inside, say "It's easy to be green!" from the SpeedChat>Green phrases.

Note: GREEN Phrases can only be seen in March.


  • Some colors used to be gender-exclusive. This was changed in March 2011, because male pig toons could not be pink or peach. However, some other colors became available to girls, too (e.g. royal blue, sienna).
  • On a toon's laff icon, the laff meter will be the same color as the toon's head color, excluding the white toon effect. If a Toon goes sad, its laff meter will turn lime green.
  • If a toon in the Create-A-Toon picks Type-A-Name, then it will be known as its head color and will have the species name, until it gets approved (example: Orange Mouse, Maroon Cat) unless the toon types a name that is in the Pick-A-Name.
  • There are exactly 12,284,338,176 combinations that a starter toon can choose from. Most of this variation comes from different colors of toons and clothes.
  • In March 2011, there was a bug where toons could not become white.