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The toons, from left to right: duck, mouse, bear, dog, monkey, and cat.

Toons are the main protagonists of Disney's Toontown Online, and the inhabitants of Toontown. Toons take the form of cartoon animals, which come in a variety of species. When a toon is created, the player is able to choose what gender they would like for the toon to be, their color, and their outfit. It is also possible to create a toon with different colors for each of their body parts.

Laff points

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A toon's health is called "laff points". All toons start out with 15 laff points. The laff meter determines how happy the toon is. When the meter reaches zero, the toon will become sad and will turn around and shrink. The toon will then be teleported to a playground to regain their laff points. Laff will be lost when a Toon is hit by a cog move. More ways to lose laff appear in cog headquarters. Falling into cog traps or getting spotted by a goon will cause damage as well. Laff points will be regained if the toon is healed by a Toon-Up gag, doodles, grabbing treasures in the playgrounds or if a Toon-Up Unite! phrase is said near them. A toon can earn a higher laff limit by completing toontasks. The highest laff limit a toon can have is 137.


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Toons are given gags in order to fight the cogs. Gags are silly tricks used as weapons that can defeat cogs, because cogs cannot take a joke, and the cog will explode if it runs out of health points. Toons can only get and choose six of the seven gag tracks. Every toon starts out with the Throw and Squirt gag tracks. The other four gag tracks can be earned by completing a series of toontasks. With the exception of level 7 gags, toons can buy gags at Goofy's Gag Shop.


Here is a list of species that players may create. Note that some (marked with an asterisk) can only be created by subscribed members, but they can be kept after a subscription expires.


  • Toons have the style of old Disney cartoons, complete with the gloves they wear.
  • Before an update in March 2011, genders limited the colors they could use.
  • The newest toon species is the pig, which came out in 2007.
  • Even though toons are animals, they do not have tails.
    • However, on one boxart picture, they are presented with tails.[1]
  • Ducks do not have webbed feet. They have paws instead.
    • However, on one boxart picture, they are presented with webbed feet.[1]
  • The dog is the only toon with animated ears.
  • There are three unreleased species: the cow, the chicken, and the goat.
  • The dog and the mouse are the only toon species that have modeled noses, while others have textured noses.

In other languages

Language Name
FR.png French Toon[2]
ES.png Spanish Dibus[3]
D.png German Toon
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese Toon[4]
Japan.png Japanese トゥーン [5]


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Toon Species
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Members only BearHorseMonkey
Unreleased ChickenCowGoat