Level 7 Drop Gag
General information
Minimum Damage: 180
Maximum Damage: 180
Accuracy: Low
Organic boost: 198 Damage
Targets: All Cogs
Minimum carry capacity: 1
Maximum carry capacity: 1
Experience points needed for a new gag: 500 To Go
Preceded by:
Grand Piano
Succeeded by:
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Toontanic is the level seven Drop gag and the final Drop gag a toon can obtain. It can be obtained by earning a total of 10,000 Drop experience points. It is capable of destroying cogs up to level 11 in one hit.

The Toontanic can deal a damage of 180 to all cogs in battle, or 198 if it is organic.


  1. The toon will pull out a trigger box.
  2. The toon will activate the switch, as a Toontanic will fall at the targeted cog(s).
  3. If the gag hits, the Toontanic will land on the cog(s).
  4. The cog(s) will slowly get up as the Toontanic vanishes. When the gag misses, the Toontanic will fall behind the cog(s), and the cog(s) will taunt the toon. A Fog Horn sound effect is heard in the background.


  • Hit Sound:
    AA drop boat cog
  • Miss Sound:
    AA drop boat miss


  • This is the largest gag, because it almost takes up the whole screen on a PC monitor, and due to its size it was thought to be the "toughest gag in town" though it was revealed to be the Railroad, not the Toontanic.
  • According to Toon News... for the Amused!, Corporate Raiders are weak to Toontanics, because they are nautical vessels.
  • Toontanic is as strong as the TNT Trap gag.
  • This gag is similar to the boat in Donald's Dock, Though the colors are clearly different, ex. The black bit of the Toontanic would be blue if it were the boat in Donald's Dock.
  • This gag is a true parody of the legendary Titanic, which sank in the Atlantic Ocean in April 1912.
    • In real life, the Titanic had four funnels, not two.
  • When the gag misses, it will produce a sound similar to that of a foghorn.
  • This gag is known as the "Ocean Liner".[1]



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