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This page lists all the administrators of the wiki, as well as rollbacks. Contact them on their user talk page for any help!

What are administrators?

Administrators are users with special privileges to help around the wiki that is inaccessible by regular users. Administrators can block a user (and vice versa), protect/lock a page (and vice versa) for a specific group, delete pages, change wiki features, edit the interface, and other things. Being an administrator also means the user has access to rollback and chat moderator rights.

It is best advice that all users with rights follow the Staff Policy or risk their rights being removed.


Aside from administrators, there are also bureaucrats. Bureaucrats are users who can promote users into other bureaucrats, administrators, and rollbacks. They may also remove those rights, excluding bureaucrat.


There are also users outside of Toontown Wiki with rights that can help Wikia altogether. These users are known as Wikia Staff. Some Wikia Staff have full access to all wikis. A full list of Wikia Staff can be viewed here. There are also helpers across Wikia that have limited administrator access to Wikia, which is generally used for clean up. A full list of helpers can be viewed here. Tagging along with these users is the Volunteer Spam Task Force, or VSTF, a group of users who can help clean up spam and vandalism across Wikia. A full list of VSTF can be viewed here.

  • Note the list of users is adjusted to only include users who have made 5 edits or more on Toontown Wiki. You should adjust it to include all users.


User Activity Rights given on Other Rights Bot Edit Count
Flower1470 Active 2012-11-12 November 12, 2012 Bureaucrat (2014-06-24) none 9,484
Loving77 Inactive 2014-08-31 August 31, 2014 none none 2,649


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Flower1470 is an administrator and bureaucrat mainly focusing on completing assignments regarding the wiki's articles. She continually watches the wiki for vandalism and is currently the leading authority.


(UserpageTalk PageContributions)

Loving77 is an administrator who works on tedious projects involving many articles at a time.


Read more: Help:Reverting

Though, not having Sysop privileges, they have similar jobs they can do around the Wiki. They can instantly revert an edit made by a user to the last contributor who edited before them.

Contact these rollbacks if there are no online administrators: There are currently no Rollbacks on the Toontown Wiki.


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