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Featured articles are of the highest quality pages of the wiki. They have been chosen to appear on the main page for one month. When an article is featured, the article will have a small icon located at the top right of the content space. The article will also be added to the Featured articles category automatically.

To suggest an article, make sure the article meets the criteria.

  • It should be at least 1,000 bytes or more. (Check the page's history)
  • It should have at least one image. Images should not be scattered everywhere and should be properly displayed.
  • It should not contain many errors, such as grammar mistakes and spelling.
  • It should not be an article that was featured previously.
  • It should not contain a "Needs improvement" template (such as Needsound, Stub, and Image)

Suggestions will be reviewed, and the final decision will be based upon its quality of work.



To make a suggestion, add to this list:

Successful suggestions

Unsuccessful suggestions

Article Details
The Brrrgh Needs article structure, images are everywhere, clean up
Cog golf courses Lacks infobox image, need to change second-person point of view (and possibly first-person as well) into third-person, hints in trivia need to go somewhere else or removed overall (or reworded), grammar checks
Geyser Infobox uses a low quality image.
Squirting Flower Contains a "Needs improvement" template (Template:Needsound)