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Our hacker policy ensures that Toontown Wiki runs smoothly and orderly. As such, we are reducing the amount of topics and images related to hacking, as well as to make sure Toontown Wiki does not encourage hacking.


The following policies are in specification to a certain part of the wiki. However, these policies will be enforced throughout the wiki, whether it be on a user page, talk page, or forum, etc. As such, for example, you may not create a user space article about hacking or talk about hacking in a talk page, unless otherwise accepted by the administrators.

The overall policy is anything regarding to illegitimate players or programs, etc., is not allowed on the wiki.


  • No articles regarding hackers, except for the Hacker page. However, our "Hacker" page has been locked from editing.
  • No articles naming hackers, clans or groups of hackers, or, in general, an article about a person who hacks.
  • No articles about hacking programs.
  • No articles about teaching how to hack or hinting about hacks.
  • No articles that link to websites that encourage hacks or playing the game in any way that is not allowed by Toontown.
  • Article images can not contain any form of hacking or hackers. Any image that is considered outside of Toontown gameplay that is not allowed by Disney's Toontown Online may not be posted. All images regarding hacking or hackers will be deleted.
  • Articles about hacking or hackers that are deemed inappropriate will be deleted, and the author or authors may be blocked with or without a warning.

Blogs, blog comments and forums

  • No blog posts or forums relating to hackers or hacking.
  • No blog posts or forums showcasing a hack or a hacker.
  • No blog posts or forums mentioning "the end of Toontown".
  • Administrators may choose to open a blog post or forum about hacking, as long as it pertains to warning users about a problem within the gameplay of Disney's Toontown Online (to ensure players stay safe and be aware of the problems).
    • Blog commenting will be disabled, unless otherwise specified as an open discussion.
  • Blog or forum comments must be in good form, otherwise they will be removed without warning:
    • Only one image per topic may be posted for all users. First appropriate image uploaded (or otherwise if an appropriate higher quality image) may be kept; all other images will be deleted.
    • No comments regarding "the end of Toontown" or be in any way similar to the "end".
    • All comments must be civilized. Any comment that is deemed inappropriate, immature, or unethical will be deleted, and the original commenter may be warned or blocked.
    • Comments must not encourage hacks or hackers.
    • Comments about you or another user/player using the hack is not allowed.
    • Comments revealing yourself as a hacker is unacceptable.