The Message Wall is not yet activated on this wiki! Please disregard any mistakes on this page. This page has yet to be finished.

The Message Wall is a feature on Wikia that will replace all User talk pages, and possibly other talk pages as well. It is great to discuss things about the wiki. However, there are some best practices to using the Message Wall.

  • Wiki Rules will be enforced.
  • You abide to the user's messaging rules and instructions.
  • You should not be chatting. There's a reason why we have chat.
    • Chatting on the Message Wall means that you are both contacting each other at the same time, creating lots of annoying messages that just clog up the Recent Changes (as far as Wikia has put things for the Wall). If both of you or a group is active and want to discuss something, please use our chat.
    • No more than three nonsense (unimportant) messages. Chat instead.
    • If a message is really important, such as discussing changes to the wiki, reporting a user(s), or any other thing, it's best to use the Message Wall to make the messages intact and remember-able.
  • Use the Message Wall with care. As everyone knows, no spamming, vandalizing, and other malicious habits.
  • Do not abuse your Message Wall with nonsense that should only belong on your user page. Please try not to add more information on your Wall.

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For more information about the Message Wall, please see Community Central's guide and information about the Message Wall.

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