Fully Protected

This is the Toontown Wiki's Staff Policy. All users applying for special user rights or currently having them must always abide by this policy.

  • They must understand that user rights are not a reward or a right but are a responsibility.
  • They should be at least somewhat familiar with MediaWiki, its markup, and its moderation functions.
  • They must always meet all the requirements for their position.
  • They must never create vandalism or spam.
  • They may be subject to inappropriate material and be responsible for its removal.
  • They must treat every member of the community equally.
  • They must obey all the rules that they set forth.
  • They must conduct themselves in a professional manner whenever possible.
  • They must edit and contribute seriously and continuously, otherwise they may be marked as inactive.
  • An infringement of any rules will result in them having their rights removed. In the case of Bureaucrats, Wikia staff may be informed of their misbehavior.


As part of being a staff member of the Toontown Wiki, you agree to be active on the wiki. When you do not contribute to the wiki for a certain number of days, you will be marked for inactivity.

  • You will be marked semi-active within 60 days with minimal contributions.
  • You will be marked inactive within 60 days with no contributions.

After 90 days of inactivity, your rights may be removed.

  • Your rights may be removed with notice and/or demotion request if you are semi-active.
  • Your rights may be removed with or without notice and/or demotion request if you are inactive.

Sometimes users will face personal problems. If this is the case and you need a break from the wiki, you can make a note on the administrator page, an admin's talk page, or blog post stating you will be inactive for a while. While you are inactive, you will be safe from removal of rights for 120 days. After 120 days, you will be marked inactive, and your rights may be removed with or without notice and/or demotion request.

If you are demoted and you wish to come back, you can request to have your rights back in the "Request User Rights" page. You are expected to meet all requirements, as well as be active for at least 14 days upon returning before you can request for rights. It is not guaranteed you will be re-promoted.

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