The background used on the test server's website

The Toontown Test Server or known as Test Town or simply Test was a server hosted by Disney for testing new content for Disney's Toontown Online with a small amount of players before making the content publicly available on the "open" server. Only subscribing players who had requested (and subsequently granted) access through the website could participate on the test server. Testers had a separate set of Toons through the test server than on the open server, which prevented possible data corruption between the servers.

The test server was closed on August 20, 2013, following the announcement of the closure of Toontown Online.

Testserver options


  • An archive of the test server's website is available by clicking here.
  • All test accounts had permanent membership status, allowing users to test any feature as much as they wanted to.
  • A bug existed on the test server's website where anyone could sign up and would be automatically accepted. If a non-subscriber did this, they would not have membership status on their test account. This was fixed in March 2010.
  • While rare, not all updates from the test server were released to Toontown.
  • The test server's website featured an orange version of the open server's background image. Additionally, it featured some of the Loony Labs scientists on the home page.
  • At the time of the test server's closure on August 20, 2013, the last update was on January 10, 2012 - a period of 84 months and 7 days.[1]This was the longest period since the test server released where it featured no updates.


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