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This article or section is about something in real life or outside the normal gameplay of the game.

When people subscribed to Toontown Online, Disney released a series of trading cards from 2003 to 2010 with newsletters. There were three series, each consisting of Toon, gag, Cog, fish, and even the new features cards.

Types of Cards


This type of card shows a brief summary of a well-known shopkeeper that is seen around Toontown, usually for Toontasks. It was removed in Series Three.


Neighborhood cards are designed like a postcard which contains the neighborhood and a short summary of it at the back. It only appeared in Series One.


Cog cards were cards which showed the image of a Cog on the front and details of the Cog on the back.Every Cog had a trading card, with the exception of the Chief Justice and the Chief Executive Officer, who appeared in Toontown Online after Series Three came out.


Gag cards display Gags that Toons use. These cards showcase every gag track of the first six gags in each. Level seven gags weren't shown because they weren't out at that time.


Fish cards have a picture and the name of a fish on the front with a description and details on where to catch it on the back. They first appeared in Series One.

Great Moments in Toontown

Great Moments in Toontown cards usually showed new feature releases, such as Doodles and Cashbot Headquarters. There were also cards for Toons that won various contests like Fishing or defeating Cog Buildings. They were not in Series Three.

Series One

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Series Two

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Series Three

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  • There are many errors when comparing the graphics on the cards to the game itself; for example, in the Name Dropper card it has green skin, but in the game, it has purple skin.
  • Trading cards from series three could be viewed at the old Toontown site and the test site before they got upgraded.
  • The pictures above the gags in the Toon Hall are from the gag cards.