A Quicksand being used on a Cog.

Trap is a gag track available once a toon commences the Toontasks in Minnie's Melodyland. It has perfect accuracy and can only target one cog, with the exception of its level 7 gag. Most importantly, Trap gags must be deployed before the cogs are lured for the Trap gag to function.


The Trap track allows toons to deploy gags in front of cogs; once deployed, the cog or cogs must be lured using a Lure gag. Once lured, it is guaranteed the cog will take damage, considering Trap gags have perfect accuracy. However, if a cog is already lured before placing a Trap gag, the cog cannot be trapped.

If two or more Trap gags are deployed in front of the same cog, the gags will "cancel" each other out and will render a waste. As an added bonus, unlike other gag tracks, only a few Trap gags can be carried; presumably, the reason for this is that Trap gags are either too powerful, have perfect accuracy, or must be lured using a Lure gag.


  • Trap is the most powerful gag track.
  • When working with another toon who has Lure gags, they can work together by deploying a Trap gag followed by a Lure gag all in one round.
  • They have perfect accuracy.
  • Traps are first in line amongst all attack gags. As long as an associated Lure hits, the Trap will trigger before any other attack gags can take effect. This is a double-edged sword -- see below.


  • Unlike other gag tracks, toons cannot carry as many Trap gags in their pouch.
  • When working alone, a Trap gag must first be deployed; therefore, the toon must risk taking damage from the cogs before using Lure gags.
  • Lure gags have low accuracy, making it difficult to lure the cogs into the trap. (Can be mitigated by using organic Lure gags, which have medium accuracy.)
  • If two or more traps are laid for one cog, all traps cancel each other out.
  • Trapped cogs must be lured in order to gain skill points for the Trap track.

Trap Gags

Gag Image Damage Affects Carry Capacity Next Level
Minimum Maximum Organic
Banana Peel Banana Peel 10 12 11-13 One Cog 5-20 20
Rake Rake 18 20 19-22 One Cog 3-15 100
Marbles Marbles 30 35 33-38 One Cog 3-15 800
Quicksand Quicksand 45 50 49-55 One Cog 3-10 2,000
Trap Door Trap Door 60 70 66-77 One Cog 3-5 6,000
TNT TNT 90 180 99-198 One Cog 2 10,000
Railroad Railroad 195 195 214 All Cogs 1 500 To Go!


This is a chart that lists all Trap gags and whether they benefit (capable of defeating in one single hit) or do nothing to cogs of the same level or stronger. Under "Organic Damage," the normal damage is applied, considering the gag is organic and thus has been boosted to the stronger damage.

Gag Normal Damage Organic Damage
Banana Peel Capable of defeating level 2 cogs when maxed. Capable of defeating level 2 cogs if the normal damage deals 11 or more.
Rake Capable of defeating level 3 cogs when maxed. Capable of defeating level 3 cogs if the normal damage deals 19 or more.
Marbles Capable of defeating level 4 cogs.
Quicksand Capable of defeating level 5 cogs.
Trap Door Capable of defeating level 6 cogs. Capable of defeating level 7 cogs if the normal damage deals 66 or more.
TNT Capable of defeating level 11 cogs when maxed.
Railroad Capable of defeating level 11 cogs. Capable of defeating level 12 cogs.
  • A gag with merged cells indicates the same thing as if the gag was organic or not.

SOS Toons

There are three SOS toons who use Trap gags. These toons use Trap Doors and will trap all cogs in battle. There is also a toon who will restock Trap gags.

Toon Type Role Value Capable of Defeating
Clerk Will Vice President -50 health points to cogs ★★★ Level 5 cogs
Clerk Penny Vice President -70 health points to cogs ★★★★ Level 6 cogs
Clerk Clara Vice President -180 health points to cogs ★★★★★ Level 11 cogs
Clerk Ray Vice President Restocks Trap gags to all toons ★★★ --

Trading Cards

These are currently all the trading cards for Trap gags.


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