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The Trolley is a place where toons can play mini-games and earn jellybeans. Trollies can be found in every playground (not including Chip n' Dale's Acorn Acres and Goofy Speedway).

Trolley Games

Trolley Tracks

Trolley Tracks occurs all day every Thursday and a while on Silly Saturday. Toons in groups of 2 or more can cast votes to decide the next stop. You start out with a certain amount of votes, and can gain more with each game. A total of 3 games will be played in Trolley Tracks. Your 'special' stop is identified by a jellybean reward. If the trolley stops at your stop, you get the amount of jellybeans stated.

At the end of all the games, extra votes will be multiplied to determine the number of jellybeans earned for that Trolley Tracks session. The multiplier and bonus of jellybeans depends on the number of toons playing.

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