Trolley Tracks

Trolley Tracks

Trolley Tracks was a special trolley game that occurred every Thursdays and Silly Saturdays that ran from Spring 2007 to May 24, 2012.[1]

Silly Saturday no longer hosts Trolley Tracks, and the two remaining events now run for two hours. Trolley Tracks no longer appear on the toon calendar.[2]


Trolley Tracks can be played when there were at least two or more toons playing. There were three rounds that consisted of three voting rounds and three trolley games.

The toons sitting on the trolley appeared on a big "land" with tracks for trains on it, which the trolley would move on. The toons would have a certain number of votes to start. They would choose to vote to go up, down, or decline to vote. The highest vote won, unless the round ended in a tie or if nobody voted in which the trolley would move randomly. After a trolley game, the amount of jellybeans earned can be used in the next voting round.

Once the trolley reached a tunnel, if a toon landed on their goal, the toon would earn a jellybean bonus. The player can see their own goal but cannot see others'.

By the end of Trolley Tracks, the leftover jellybeans not used in the voting process would be given to the toon.


  • The removal of the game was never announced on the live version nor was there a release note about the removal.
    • It was, however, announced on the test server on January 10, 2012.[1]
  • When it was released on Test, it was originally called Trolley Holiday. [3]



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