Toontown- How to Link Accounts and Unlock True Friends

Toontown- How to Link Accounts and Unlock True Friends

True Friends chat, formerly known as Secret chat, allows you to talk to toons that you know outside of Toontown freely without any restrictions. To become True Friends with someone, you need to get a True Friend code. This feature must be unlocked through a Parent Account (if you are under 18) and is available only to paid members.


First, select any toon and click True Friends, or click True Friend in your friend list.

To get a code

Click Get True Friends Code. A True Friend code will be displayed. This can only be used once, and you must get a new one for each person you wish to add.

To enter a code

Open your friend list and click the chat bubble.

Enter the True Friends code into the text box, then press Enter True Friend Code.


  • You can be banned by using profanity or insulting others using True Friends chat.
  • Some phrases are "censored" when you are chatting (even if you're talking to a true friend). This means your bubble will not show up for anyone but you. Generally this happens if you are try to skirt the dictionary -- ie. calling Youtube "you tube" or saying words in place of numbers -- but can include allowed words as well. Most True Friend codes will be censored.
  • Some people find ways to become True Friends using SpeedChat Plus. If Disney sees them doing this, they can get suspended.
  • True Friends was originally called Secret Friends, so Disney added "SF" to SpeedChat Plus due to a lot of players calling it SF even after it was changed.
  • All True Friend codes begin with the letters "TT."


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