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Tutorial Tom
Turtial Tom.jpg
Physical description
Gender: Male
Species: Dog
Color: Tan
Building: Tutorial building
Street: Toontorial
Area: Toontown Central
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Tutorial Tom is a dog NPC toon. He helps new toons to get started in the game, and only appears in the Toontorial of the gameplay. In that time, he gives players their first gags, a Squirting Flower and a Cupcake, and explains how to use them. Furthermore, the toon receives their first ToonTask, which is to defeat a Flunky outside the shop. After the Flunky is defeated, Tutorial Tom exits his shop and tells the player to obtain his or her reward from Toon HQ, then leaves once again through his portable hole.


  1. Defeat a Flunky
  2. Visit HQ Harry in Toon HQ


  • In the beginning of the game, Tutorial Tom's face was short. Later on, it was elongated by the game developers.
  • He is the first NPC and shopkeeper each player encounters.
  • Tutorial Tom is one of the few shopkeepers seen outside a shop, the others being Flippy (also seen in the Toontorial) and S.O.S toons (in cages at V.P. battles and in field offices).
  • Tutorial Tom's ears used to shoot up when he saw the Flunky outside his shop. This was changed for unknown reasons.

In Other Languages

Language Name
FR.png French Tom Tuteur
ES.png Spanish Tato Tutorial
D.png German Einweiser-Ede
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese Tom Tutorial
Japan.png Japanese チュートリアルのトム Tutorial Tom[1]