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*[[Oak Street]]
*[[Oak Street]]
*[[Sleet Street]]
*[[Sleet Street]]
*[[Lullaby Lane]]
*[[Sellbot Headquarters]]
*[[Sellbot Headquarters]]
*[[Sellbot Factory]]
*[[Sellbot Factory]]

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General information
Type: Sellbot
Lowest Level: 6
Highest Level: 10
Weakness: Hypno Goggles
Preceded by:
Mover & Shaker
Succeeded by:
The Mingler
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A Two-Face is the sixth cog on the corporate ladder of Sellbots. Its levels range from 6 to 10. Its head looks very similar to that of the Double Talker with only slight differences in expression and also color.


Starting Phrases

  • "Two heads are better than one."
  • "It takes two to tango, you wanna tango?"
  • "Are you ready to face your doom?"
  • "Which face would you like to defeat you?"
  • "Prepare to face your worst nightmare."
  • "Face it, I'm better than you."
  • "I'm 'two' much for you."
  • "You don't know who you're facing."
  • "It's time to face-off!"
  • "You're in for two times the trouble."
  • "You better face up to defeat."

Attacks and Damage

Target: One toon
Signature: No
Level: 1 2 3 4 5
Damage: 6 7 8 9 10

Template:Cogmovebody Template:Cogmovebody Template:Cogmovebody Template:Cogmovebody Template:Cogmoveend

Cog suit promotion

Levels: 6 7 8 9 10
Merits required: 260 340 420 500 2,100


  • A two-face is a term used for a person who has multiple personalities. (Example: They say they like that suit. But really they hate it.) In business terms, it's when someone deals you something, but then double-cross you, and won't accept that deal.
  • Two-Face, Double Talker, and The Mingler have the same head mesh.
  • In the trading card, Red Tape is not a move noted on the card, which is the exact opposite of the Big Wig and The Big Cheese which, on the card, have moves that do not exist in Toontown itself.
  • The Two-Face's weakness is Hypno Goggles because they have twice as many eyes to hypnotize.
  • On the trading card, Two-Face's skin is silver. However, it is beige in-game.
  • A Two-Face is one of the three cogs that have two heads. The other is Double Talker and the Vice President.


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