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Flippy Big Secret
VP Undercarriage Gears.

Gears flying out from the Vice President's undercarriage.

Undercarriage gears is a boss cog move that is used by the Vice President. This is one of the most commonly used attacks because it happens whenever the undercarriage doors open. If the V.P. could not use this attack, he would be unbeatable because it would be impossible to stun him. It can be used from both sides of the undercarriage.


First, the V.P.'s undercarriage will open up. Gears will fly out one at a time in several directions. If hit by a gear, the toon will fall down on its bottom and take three damage. It is easily avoided by jumping, moving to the side, or going to a higher ledge/slope.


  • It is easier to stun the V.P. by standing to the sides of the door to avoid the gears.
  • More gears are thrown out and at a wider range as the VP approaches the edge.

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