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"Unite! Phrases" is a conjectural title.
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Not to be confused with the Resistance Salute emotion phrase "Toons of the world, Unite!"

The section in SpeedChat phrases where all your Unites are at

Unite! phrases are SpeedChat phrases a toon earns after winning a battle against the Chief Financial Officer. Mata Hairy rewards every toon a random phrase and value.


Toons of the world, Toon-Up!

An example of Toon-Up Unites

Toons of the world, Gag-up!

An example of Gag-Up Unites

Toons of the world, Spend Wisely!

An example of Jellybean Unites


  • Mata Hairy uses a Unite Phrase when the Chief Financial Officer is defeated.
  • The maximum number of Unite Phrases a toon can hold is unknown.
  • Toons of the World, Spend Wisely! is commonly used at jellybean fests.
  • Unite phrases are the only Speedchat phrases that have a limited amount. 
  • When using a jellybean unite, the category for jellybeans has a lower-case J instead of an upper-case J.