aka Bobo Bubba

  • I live in You don't wanna know...
  • I was born on December 16
  • My occupation is Stuff
  • I am Male
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About me

I have been playing Toontown since December 2009 and I LOVE it like crazy!! I love all kinds of animals and I am a big nerd. My cousin and I play Toontown. My favorite color is red, I love Oreos, !!!!!!!! My favortie friend on Toontown is a green mouse name Cheerstuneter, and a purple cat named Princess Daffodil.

My Toon

  • I really only have 2 toons ( well that I use )
  • Bobo Bubba ( 126 laff )
  • Purr Key ( 63 laff )
Toontanic Bobo Bubba maxed Drop!
Geyser Bobo Bubba maxed Squirt!
Sellbot Bobo Bubba is a Mr. Hollywood Level 50.
12 Bobobubba:D currently has 12 edits!
Wedding Cake Bobo Bubba maxed Throw!
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Presentation Bobo Bubba maxed Lure!
High Dive Bobo Bubba maxed Toon-Up!
Veteran This user played Toontown for many years now.

Opera Singer Bobo Bubba maxed Sound!

Lawbot Bobo Bubba is a Big Wig Level 42.
Cashbot Bobo Bubba is a Robber Baron Level 50.
Bossbot Bobo Bubba is a Micromanager Level 7.
UserMember Bobobubba:D is a Toontown Member! Unlimited, oh yeah!
Opera Singer Bobo Bubba has maxed all 6 Gag Tracks of their choice. Oh yeah!
Male This user is male.
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