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My Gags in battle.

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About me

Hi, I am Cheese0.

My toon is Jerry A 136 Laffer. I am a Editor in toontowon wiki and I am here to edit some articles . You can see me scared, sad and kind in the Toon World. You can see my toon In Welcome Valley, Toon Valley, and Nutty Suimmit. I started Playing Toontown on January 15 2002 and still playing the game. I am almost maxing Laff and my toon appearence is a brown Mouse wearing a silly meter T-shirt.

136 Laff Jerry
Unknown Unknown
Toon-Up: High Dive (Maxed)
Trap: Train Track (Maxed)
Lure: Presentation (Maxed)
Sound: Opera Singer (Maxed)
Throw: Wedding Cake (Maxed)
Squirt: Geyser (Maxed)
Drop: None
Fishing information
Fishing rod: Gold Rod
Estate information
Doodle Name: Lefty (Maxed Doodle)
Shovel: Gold Shovel (8 Bean Combo Shovel)
Watering Can: Huge Watering Can
Miscellaneous information
Kart type: Roadster
Cog suits
Mr.Hollywood Level 50
Robber Baron Level 50
Big Wig Levl 50
The Big Cheese Level 49

My Userboxs

Edit Counter I currently have:[[Special:Editcount/Cheese0|Special:Editcount/Cheese0]] edits making me the #If Forgot editor on this site. I also have 28 Badges with 1090 making me the 3rd editor on the leaderboard.

My favorite pages


Test Area

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My SOS Toons (2009)


Race Throphies



Toontown Goals/Plans

☑Get a spinning gold star.

☑Find Cheese!

☑Waits for the Great Pumpkin in toontown central.

☑Help 5 new toons defeat cogs

☑Help 10 new toons defeat cogs

☑Help 15 new toons defeat cogs

☑Help 20 new toons defeat cogs

☑Help 25 new toons defeat cogs

☑Help 85 new toons defeat cogs

☐Help 1,000 new toons defeat cogs (currently helped 925)

☑Help 5 new toons defeat buildings

☑Help 10 new toons defeat buildings

☑Help 15 new toons defeat buildings

☑Help 20 new toons defeat buildings

☐Help 60 new toons defeat buildings (currently helped 48 new toons)

Wiki Goals/Plans

  • Improving this wiki.

☑Be a admin

☑Undo/Revert 5 spam edits

☑Undo/Revert 10 spam edits

☑Undo/Revert 15 spam edits ☑Undo/Revert 20 spam edits

☑Undo/Revert 25 spam edits

☑Undo/Revert 30 spam edits

Cheese0 Tracker Updating

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Status Type Status
Toontown Wikia Status Offline
Toontown Online Status Offline
Current Toon N/A
Current Toontown District N/A
Toontown Playground N/A
Toontown Street N/A
Toontown Building N/A
Server N/A
Area N/A
Info N/A

Credit to Flippers for the idea.

Some Templates I made (You can freely use it.)

  • Template:Donald'sdreamlandnpc
  • Template:Donald'sdreamlandbldg
  • Template:TheBrrrghNPC
  • Template:TheBrrrghbldg
  • Template:DaisyGardensbldg
  • Template:DaisyGardensnpc