X Tiger

About Me

Hello! I'm Chester5687. I joined Toontown on Thanksgiving Day 2008 and 'til now, I still play. I joined Toontown Wiki on January 12, 2011. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE TOONTOWN! I would basically, well... DIE from lack of Toontown in my life. I currently have 6/6 toons on my account.

They are (from order created):
Chester, Mr. McMeow, Doctor Chester, Bad Luck, Scare D. Cat, Black Panther

Chester's Status

Toon-Up Gag Trap Gag Lure Gag Sound Gag Throw Gag Squirt Gag Drop Gag
Current Gags Not Chosen
Opera Singer
Wedding Cake
Fish Caught Fish Trophies Earned Race Kart Racing Trophies Golfing Trophies Gardening Trophies Flowers Earned
Current 55 5 TUV 14 13 2 15
Shovel Watering Can Sellbot Suit Cashbot Suit Lawbot Suit Bossbot Suit Doodle Name
Current Bronze Huge Mr. Hollywood Level 15 Robber Baron Level 27

Legal Eagle Level 11

Head Hunter Level 6 Whiskers
Current Laff 111 Doodle Land: DDL
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