aka Nicole

  • I live in Buffalo NY
  • I was born on December 20
  • My occupation is Cashier, College student.
  • I am Female
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==''About Me''==
==''About Me''==
Hello, my name is Nicole and I'm a freshman in college. I play Toontown a lot, actually more than I should. I play on any free time that I have. I'm really not proud of this, but it's okay because Toontown is actually really fun. I try to be nice on Toontown but sometimes I get really annoyed at people who are younger than me bossing me around. If you're nice to me, I'll be very nice back. I'm working on my third toon; the other two were unfortunately terminated. I had some amazing friends on my first toon and some from my second toon. I was able to find a couple of them; it helps a lot when we use another form of communication other than Toontown. My best friend from my first toon was Prof. Corny Dizzysmirk and I was never able to find him, which was extremely sad. My other best friend from my first toon was Crazy, and I just recently talked him into playing Toontown again because he also was terminated on his first toon. My best friends from my current toon are Prof. Fireball Smartytoon, and Silly Sloppy, but he is much older than I am so usually I'm more serious and less fun with him. Prof. Fireball Smartytoon is really fun to hang out with and we can talk for hours and it won't get boring. Crazy also plays with my current toon. My good friends include but are not limited to (in ABC order): Deannasaur, Doctor Dynopounce, Dusty Doggendoodle, Flower, Good ol' Knuckles McPow, Good ol' Slumpy Frinkelfidget, Googlegoober (hasn't come on in months), Little Sandy, and Super Star Sparklesprinkles. Sir Lloyd used to be my best friend but he mysteriously disappeared off of my friends list a few months ago. I talk to a couple of my Toontown friends on Skype (Crazy and Dusty Doggendoodle), and I play Fun Run with Prof. Fireball Smartytoon. I'm also friends with a few of my Toontown friends on Facebook and it kind of helps to have contact off of Toontown since they filter almost everything.
Ima whore
==''My Toon''==
==''My Toon''==
My toon is named Crazy Spunky Funnygoober. Her laff is currently 111 and she is trap less. She is a pink bunny and I like her to be small. I like bunnies the best because of the "ooo" sound they make. I have other toons on the same account but I don't play them. There is: Thunder Buddy (Black cat, in reference to the movie Ted), Disenchanted (Black cat), Hear Me Roar (Purple Cat), Bad Luck (Black cat), and Black Light (Black cat). I'm not sure why I have so many cats because I don't really like the Toontown cats. I also have a green pig on a different account named Thunder Buddy; I use her as a taxi sometimes but rarely.
im  a parker

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About Me

Ima whore

My Toon

im  a parker



Prof. Fireball Smartytoon and me.


Track Gag
Toonup High Dive


Lure Presentation
Sound Opera Singer
Throw Wedding Cake
Squirt Geyser
Drop Toontanic
Cog Type Suit Level
Sellbot Mr. Hollywood


Cashbot Robber Baron


Lawbot Back Stabber 6
Bossbot Yesman 5

Working On

What I'm currently working on is my cog suits. I don't work on one at a time, I like moderation so I work on all of them at the same time so I don't get bored. I am also helping my friends (Prof. Clyde Smartytoon, Prof. Clover Smartytoon and Crazy) work on their toons because they are fairly new toons. I do plan on maxing my toon, but I know that will take a while. I'm bad at racing so I'm not sure how that will work out. I'm also working on my garden; right now I'm up to 4 beans, almost 5.

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