About me

I am an orange dog who can carry 80 jellybeans, 35 gags (40 after I'm done with the Key from the Mingler Task). I am named Master Popcorn McBumble. I have Throw, Squirt, Toon-Up, and Lure, and I am training for Trap. Please leave a comment. If you don't want to, then don't do it. So remember to keep on earning those badges!

My Toontown Experience

* I have been working on Toontown and so far this is what I have:
  • 45 laff
  • 4 Throw, 4 Squirt, 2 Lure, and 2 Toon-Up
  • A toon that's named Master Popcorn McBumble.
  • Defeated the Factory Foreman thrice.
  • And about 40 friends.

Cog Talk I



  • The Big Cheese is in charge! I Survived the Invasion!
  • Corporate Raider says, "I survived the Toontanic, but I got defeated with a cupcake. Good thing I'm V2.0"
  • Cold Caller uses Hot Air!
  • Cupcake.png
    "Do Head Hunters shrink heads or eliminate heads? Probably eliminate because shrink would be too much like Downsizer!
  • DownsizerInfoCard.jpg
    Glad Hander and Yesman fight over stealing their looks, but Mr. Hollywood arrives and knocks them both down.
  • Headline: Loan Shark Attack! Loan Shark uses nothing but Bite and Chomp?
  • This Week's Fued: Mover & Shaker or Big Wig? Will Big Wig take Mover & Shaker to jail or will the Mover & Shaker, proud owner of Field Offices, shake Big Wig down?
  • Legal Eagle isn't so legal at the Regal Eagle party.

Cog Talk II

  • Bottom Feeder ain't no leader says the CJ, as he rejects to give Bottom Feeder promotion to jury.
  • It is revealed that the maker of Cogs, (not the Chairman) named Head Hunter a Head Hunter, not because he hunts for heads, because his name is Hunter.
  • Level 12 Robber Baron gets beaten with one cupcake! A Level 11 Mingler was there and
  • Mover and shaker.jpg
    said, "The cupcake had a rocket in it, I saw.
  • Telemarketer Makes His Mark! -eter
  • It is time for Lawbot Showdown! Big Wig, Legal Eagle, Spin Doctor, Backstabber, Ambulance Chaser, Bottom Feeder, Bloodsucker, Who will it be? Please vote who gets off and it will be revealed on Cog Talk XXII (22)
  • Mover & Shaker or Big Wig? The winner is........................ the one who will announced the so-far results on Cog Talk XII, and will assist the Chairman in saying who gets voted off. The winner is ................................................... going to be revealed on Cog Talk XI!
  • Here's the Chairman! "Collect gears from Cogs or else I'll make you into Toonycogs! 100 per
  • File:Chairman.png
    toon, that should be enough to build a Chairman Factory. I am lifeless like the Bloodsucker!"
  • CFO knocked over by train! A contest will be held to se the new CFO! Short Change, Skelecog,
  • Tightwad, or Bean Counter. Psst, choose Short Change. It's Level 1!
  • Name Dropper dumps Big Cheese! ... in the garbage can. To think he was the cheesiest.He was a cheddar man than me. Yet, he was a meunster...
  • Spin Doctor changes jobs and becomes a fireman! All he needs is that Gag, a Fire Hose.
  • Bean Counter and Downsizer are twins!
  • Cog Fight!!!! Short Change vs. Cold Caller vs. Micromanager. Who will it be?
  • I may be a Flunky, but I'm real spunky is voted as the saying for Statoon of Liberty. It fills with Pies and Glasses of Water and Squirt Guns
  • Prof. Helium McWackadoo uses High Dive on a Micromanager! Too bad it's too high for Micromanag
    Backstabber small.jpg
  • to reach!
  • Backstabber stabs actual back!

Cog Talk III

  • Backstabber opens "Backstabberama"
  • Number Cruncher runs out of Number Cereal!
  • Bean Counter buys jellybeans! (It's wierd considering that Toontown's currency is jellybeans)
  • Bloodsucker sucks out blood from the CJ, his boss.
  • Mr. Hollywood goes to Hollywood!
  • Corporate Raider steals Gold and Toons.
  • Name Dropper drops down low with an anvil.
  • Tightwad Stuck in Rubber Band!
  • Cog Victory Dance Made!

    one of my favorite cards.

  • The Mingler gets a Coodle.
  • Gyro Gearloose defeats Cog Town!
  • Loan Shark Spark!
  • New Cog Made: Con Artist! Sellbot
  • Skelecog needs a Whole Cream Pie!
  • Penny Pincher gets a $100 bill. He trades it in for 10,000 pennies!
  • Pencil Pusher's sharpener breaks! His pencil breaks, too

Cog Talk IV

  • Bloodsucker not only collects blood... He collects pokemon cards
  • Collaboration: Mr. Hollywood Big Wig Robber Baron and The Big Cheese. The Big Wigr. Hollaron
  • Chairman, "I have made a new Cog, the Decomposer. Make sure to decompose him because I want to make a Maitre D' "
  • Tightwad writes Tight Rap.
  • The Mingler Hair Salon 'When you're doing your worst You gotta look best'
  • Boreding School home to Bloodsucker. He'll suck the life out of you
  • The Minglers Made The Names of Cogs since they like to "Mix and Mingle"
  • Nose and Fame Name Drop and Flopper Dropper
  • Blood Stuck and Spider Bloodsucker
  • Tie Fight and Squad Tightwad
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