It's me and my doodle! :D

Hi! I'm Flappy Wildbumper. You might see me around in ToonTown. Here is a little bit of informations about me:

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770 FlappyWildbumper currently has 770 edits!

If anyone wants to know why I don't edit anymore on the Toontown Wiki but am still editing the Toontown Fanon Wiki, it's because I don't play anymore, and therefore, I can't be much help for facts. The reason is because my parents killed my membership, and I don't feel like trying to get it back because I don't want Toontown to chew up my life.

Gags and Laff

At 111, my laff is decent, but my gags are pretty bad in my opinion when compared to my laff. They are:

Toonup: Pixie Dust (I actually chose toon-up before lure....)

Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust

Trap: I'm trapless!

UserNoGag Flappy Wildbumper does not have the Trap Track.

Lure: Hypno Goggles

Hypno Goggles

Hypno Goggles

Sound: Maxed

Opera Singer


Throw: Maxed

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Squirt: Maxed



Drop: Grand Piano

Grand Piano

Grand Piano

Cog Suits

These are my cog suits... they're pretty bad in my opinion.

Sellbot: Mr. Hollywood Level 23

Sellbot Flappy Wildbumper is a Mr. Hollywood Level 23.

Cashbot: Number Cruncher Level 6

Cashbot Flappy Wildbumper is a Number Cruncher Level 6.

Lawbot: Bloodsucker Level 3

Lawbot Flappy Wildbumper is a Bloodsucker Level 3.

Bossbot: No Suit!

Bossbot Flappy Wildbumper is a Flunky Level 0.

My Doodle

My doodle's name is UFO. I bought him from Toontown Central three years ago.


His name was randomly generated! I have taught him every trick that exists in Toontown.


  • Max all gags
  • Max out laff to 137
    • Find all species of fish
    • Find all species of flowers
    • Win all trophies in racing
    • Win all trophies in golfing
    • Complete all laff toontasks
    • Max all cog suits
      • Max out sellbot suit
      • Max out cashbot suit
      • Max out lawbot suit
      • Max out bossbot suit
        • Obtain bossbot suit
  • Make 3000 edits on the wiki
    • Make 2000 edits on the wiki
      • Make 1000 edits on the wiki
        • Make 500 edits on the wiki
          • Make 250 edits on the wiki
  • Get 2000 achievement points on the wiki
    • Get 1000 achievement points on the wiki
      • Get 500 achievement points on the wiki
      • Get on the achievement high scores of the wiki
  • Solo the long factory
  • Solo a coin mint
  • Solo a bullion mint
  • Solo a DA office
  • Solo the front three
  • Solo the back nine
  • Solo a four story building
  • Solo a five story building
  • Solo a field office in Donald's Dreamland
  • Solo the VP
  • Solo the CFO
  • Solo the CJ
  • Solo the CEO
    • Beat the CEO
  • Meet someone on the wiki in Toontown. (Leave a message on talk page if interested!)

Other Activities

I have caught 53 out of 70 fish species.

Balloon Fish


I have collected 9 out of 30 racing trophies (They're hard!).


Racing Karts!

I have picked 30 out of 40 species of flowers and collected 3 out of 10 gardening trophies. I have gag trees up to wedding cake for throw.



I have collected 15 golfing trophies.

Chip and Dales Golf

Chip and Dale's Minigolf

Honorable Toon Mentions Without Profiles

  • Daphne Petalcrumbs (Sister)
  • Deputy Knuckles Fizzleboom (Friend)
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