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Note: I created this wiki and quit for a while, but I'm coming back in March 2013. See you soon!

Hey there, I'm Flippers, a administrator here. My toon's name is flippers, as you might have guessed. On this wiki I usually focus on deleting and fixing vandalizm(I don't edit much anymore). I'm having computer problems so I might not be on much. Oh and there's something you should know about me. I do not play ToonTown much anymore so I am not very powerful.So don't tease me because I'm a noob and I don't have membership. I don't play much anymore because I try to focus on this wiki. I have trackers below. I also throw parties sometimes. I am a member of the Cogbusters. If you wanna join, write "Cogcrusher" at the top of your user page like I did. I am the leader/creator of the cogbusters, so any questions or complaints should be asked on my talk page.

Tracker (Club Penguin Only)

  • Server: N/A
  • Room: N/A
  • Adding Friends: N/A


(I made this tracker to help people friend me. If you want to meet me, this tracker will help you a lot. So if I'm online, hurry! I usually stay on for 30 to 100 minutes.)


  • When toons get along.
  • When everybody's happy.
  • Welcoming new users.
  • Playing ToonTown


  • Toons fighting.
  • Spamming
  • Vandalizm
  • ToonTown haters

Favorite pages

1.Virtual Skelcogs


3.ToonTown Online

I edit my userpage everyday that I am active. So you can see when I was last on the wiki down here.

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