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'''Lawbot: '''Bloodsucker lvl.4
'''Lawbot: '''Bloodsucker lvl.4
'''Bossbot: '''Flunkie lvl.5 (I'm LOLing at the fact that this moron can't even spell 'Flunky'.)
'''Bossbot: '''Flunkie lvl.5

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Working my way back to my former status...


Laff: 114


Toon-up: Maxed

Trap: None

Lure: Maxed

Sound: Maxed

Throw: Maxed

Squirt: Maxed

Drop: Maxed


Racing: 20 Trophies

Golfing: 14 Trophies

Gardening: 25 Species

Fishing: 60 Species

Cog Suits

Sellbot: Mr. Hollywood lvl.25

Cashbot: Money Bags lvl.10

Lawbot: Bloodsucker lvl.4

Bossbot: Flunkie lvl.5

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