aka meesa

  • I live in a black hole
  • I was born on January 1
  • My occupation is breathing
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|Toon Name = Dizzy
|Toon Name = Dizzy
|Cog = Cold Caller
|Cog = Cold Caller
|Level # = 1}}{{Template:UserNoGag
|Level # = 2}}{{Template:UserNoGag
|Toon Name = Dizzy
|Toon Name = Dizzy
|Gag = Trap}}{{Template:UserWizard101}}
|Gag = Trap}}{{Template:UserWizard101}}

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About me

Dizzy has 56 laff, whole cream pie, fire hose, anvil, bamboo cane, a bamboo rod, and a level 1 cold caller sellbot suit.

My Toons

  • Dizzy
  • Supreme Pizza
  • Fat Dizzy

Current ToonTasks

  1. Defeat 30 bossbots
  2. Defeat 28 cogs
  3. Defeat 30 Sellbots
  4. ToonTask

My favorite pages

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  • Favorite page #2
  • Favorite page #3
MouseIcon This user is a fan of Mice.
BearIcon This user is a fan of Bears.
UserFanLaw This user is a fan of Lawbots.
UserToonName Hey! I'm Gogonono! But you can call me Dizzy!
UserMember Gogonono is a Toontown Member! Unlimited, oh yeah!
MelodylandOverview Dizzy is currently working in Minne's Melodyland.
Sellbot Dizzy is a Cold Caller Level 2.
UserNoGag Dizzy does not have the Trap Track.
OFFTOPIC wizard101logo This user plays Wizard101.
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