About Me!

Hiya everyone! I'm HappyToon78! I love to go on ToonTown, singing is my specialty, and dancing is a joy! I also just LOVE to cook and craft. Crafts of mine can be simple or complicated, messy or neat, colorful or matching! My delicious delicacies are cool or hot, salty or sweet, or just plain yummy. Fashion is a fun thing for me! My signature look is a denim skirt with a cute top, and a small ponytail! It actually looks like I'm french. Other looks: A beautiful powder blue shirt and my confy gouchos. Traveling is fun too, I've traveled all over the world and brought knick-knacks back! My pretty painted fish mobile from Mexico, Shells from Miami Beach and lots more! I live in Twin Falls, and I was born in an air force in Las Vegas, Nevada. See ya later everyone!


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Gardening Basics

That's all I can say for now.
See ya!

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