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Lawbots look like steambath lords or something.

–Me, on the Wiki chat

108 Laff Black Hole
Black Cat
Toon-Up: Pixie dust
Trap: Trapdoor
Lure: Lureless
Sound: Opera Singer
Throw: Wedding Cake
Squirt: Fire Hose
Drop: Safe
Fishing information
Fishing rod: Gold
Estate information
Doodle Name: Noname
Shovel: Tin Shovel Level 2 flower ability
Watering Can: Gold watering can (Not yet maxed, need 999 points)
Miscellaneous information
Kart type: Roadster
Cog suits
Mover & Shaker level 8
Tightwad level 6
Bottom Feeder level 2
Flunky level 2
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Hello, my dear (or not dear) friend. Thanks for interest about me. My name is Kacper, but you can call me KTH or Black Hole (my main toons name). My motherland is Poland, while I live in the Netherlands. I like Toontown and I am a veteran, playing for almost 4 or 5 years. Can't remember lol. I am not a serious potato, so feel free to make jokes on my talk page.


1- I got on Top Toon on the Toontown site 2 times for the same day

2- I was the first to reach the Building badge on this wiki for Toontown Central edit track

3- Same as above, but for Shopkeeper

4- I created the wiki's 1000th page!

5- Ive became a Rollback

6- I was The first Super Contributor

7- Got all my Cog suits

8- I won toontown's fishing contest 2010 and won the super-exclusive Fishing Shorts for Black Hole!

9- The youngest staff member... Yessir, I didn't get demoted.


Bounce, bounce, bounce!

–A random guy on tv...

Why do golfers wear 2 pairs of shorts? In case they get a Hole-in-one!

–A toontown trading card, Toonography

Slaps in disgust eh? Let's call then Slappy-Ds!

–Ice King from Adventure Time, Copied from Flower1470's page.

Ooh, were rescuing a lady? Is she hot?

–Jay, LEGO Ninjago movie

Stuff I like the most on Toontown

  • The Minglers
  • Funny Farm and other rumors
  • VP
  • CFO
  • CEO
  • Skelecogs
  • Fat cogs

Bad disney was bad and removed old TTC playground! D: