• I live in Well, we live in the same universe, so it doesn't really matter.
  • I was born on January 6
  • I am Female
112 Laff Lady Pearl Kookybounce
Periwinkle Cat
Toon-Up: High Dive
Trap: Railroad
Lure: Presentation
Sound: Opera Voice
Throw: Wedding Cake
Squirt: Geyser
Drop: N/A
Fishing information
Fishing rod: Gold Rod
Estate information
Doodle Name: Sable
Shovel: Bronze Shovel
Watering Can: Large Watering Can
Miscellaneous information
Kart type: Cruiser
Cog suits
Mr. Hollywood
Loan Shark
Bottom Feeder

I got into Toontown again and then decided to upload images (that may or may not suck). Nothing too extravagant, but you know. I might reword article sections, but I'm going to be pretty chill. I'll try not to smother my poor main toon's face all over the images.

I guess it'll be a "I bring the raw slab, you mold it to perfection" type of relationship, Wiki. I take in consideration that you are a non-sentient being created for the sole purpose of supplying information for a MMORPG, but I thought you'd like to know.

If you notice that I'm doing something horribly wrong, please tell me so and I'll correct myself ASAP.

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