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About me

Hi Everybody!First want to introduce you to my toontown player Mister Daffy Nickelmarble and my other three players, Good"ol Soupy Gigglebounce,Deputy Ricky Bumbleberry,and funny bunny(i typed that name)and im going to tell you about their information,Mister Daffy Nickelmarble the duck is my best player has Chat and lvl 6 gags(of throw and squirt)has lot of experience points and has been 6 years of membership.Has Sound Drop Trap and Lure too(but not toon up)114 laff.Now lets talk about Good'ol Soupy Gigglebounce he has throw squirt and toon up 34 laffer(not very powerful toon)he is a dog,nowDeputy Ricky Bumbleberry has trow and squirt 26 laffer toon(he is a duck)And last but not least funny bunny i just created that toon so he has all the stuff you had when you were a new toon.

My favorite pages and my golfing trophies,

toontown and other games like neopets,petpet park,club penguin,panfu,and pandanda.I too like to make toons i have 2 spaces left,and another thing i like is go golfing in toontown it's so fun,my golphing trophies.

1. 4 courses 2. 40 courses 3. 1 under par 4.10 under par 5.100 under par 6. 1 hole in one 7. 10 hole in one 8. 3 birdies 9. 4 par 10. 40 par 11. 400 par,those are all my tropies

Best Trap Gag

We will just see info about the 114 laffer toon,But if you wanted to hear about the other toons you are lucky!Because if you wanted to hear about the other toons its coming really soon! About my toon :-)

Best gag in throw track

Best squirt gag.

First we will start with the 114 laffer toon(Mister Daffy Nickelmarble the duck)first we will start with his gags...

His gags,ok i will show all the tracks that he has and the gags in that track.Sound,Bike Horn,Whistle,Bugle,Aoogah,and Elephant Trunk,now Drop,Flower Pot,Sandbag,now Squirt,Squirting flower,Glass of water,Squirt gun,Seltzler bottle,Fire Hose,and Storm cloud,now Throw,best gag in throw track birthday cake.Now Lure best gag in lure track Small magnet.(i earned a new lure gag!) now trap best gag in trap track Quicksand.Now lets talk about fishing.

File:Sand Bag.png

Best gag in drop track


and my favorite trolley games,I dont fish so much so i have 53 types of fish, that is why i have 114 laff but such a few fish. My fishing trophies Guppy,Minnow,Fish,and Flying Fish my rod is the steel(forgot what was the rod's name).Now my favorite trolley games,#1.Toon Slingshot,#2.Cannon game,#3.Ring Game,#4.Catching Game,#5.Matching Game,#6,Race Game,#7,Maze Game,#8,Toon Tag,#9,Jungle Vines,#10,Match Minnie,#11,Tug o War,#12,Toon Escape,#13,Treasure Dive

Best gag in Sound track

My best lure gag.

(i stink at that game)#14,Photo Fun,#15,Ice Slide,#16,Cog Thief,Uh i hate that game it is harder than any trolley game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it is allso kind of boring.If you agree with me this is ok, but if you dont agree with me leave a message on my talk page so i can change it! free toontown account giveaway!!!!!100%true!!! the username:sillymeter500(type it exactly how i wrote it)now the password:123456789(type it exactly how i wrote it)now the info,i have not made a toon yet so you can make the toon!Feel free to take it whenever you want!it has Chat,do whatever you want like change the password so nobody takes it.So now just the lucky toon can get the free account.It's not a member though,but you can make it member if you want!!!! (somebody changed the password)

Favorite Pages

1.Cogs 2.Cog Buildings...I JUST LIKE ALL THE PAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I too like to make pages i just made a page called Gag Shops,you will see me a lot of times adding pages to this wiki!Now im going to tell you some codes(If you know already these codes ignore this) the first code,silly meter,second code,get connected,third code WINTER (code already expired :( )the rewards...first code is a exclusive silly meter shirt! (second code is a shirt too)third code...48 hours of cannons!(too bad the code has expired)

When im online on toontown.District Toon Valley, im mostly seen on the streets looking for cog buildings to defeat! hee hee

No more Toontown meetings!

Just wanted to tell all of you that im not playing Toontown anymore because i got bored of it and that means no more meetings. Now im playing Pandanda, Panfu, Poptropica, Neopets, Petpet park, etc. So im saying goodbye to all of you who play Toontown and goodbye forever...

I will miss ya but im still coming to the wiki but not Toontown wiki, I will be in the Club Penguin Wiki.

Have fun Toontowners!


Pajarete 1234


My toontasks 1.Deafeat 500 cogs 2.Help a new toon Deafeat a cog building (i just ignore that task).Those are all my toontasks,i can carry 4 toontasks at a time and im in The Brrrgh toontasks.(Another not related thing) if you want to join a contest (with prize) just ask my friend Sloppy Banana Soup (whatever was his name) its awesome we have these things some days,so just hurry!We need more ppl so come on!They are games like Closet Dodge,Spotlight,Secret Dive,And Races,There is allways a prize in the end whatever you want!And you vote what game you want to play!If you loose you are deleted so try your best!You can find us on Toon Valley in Toontown Central Near The HQ.