aka Kevin

  • I was born on April 10
  • I am watching you.

About me

Hello, this is PolyphonyDigital326, you can call me Kevin. I am just a quite inactive on the wiki, but I can look after this wiki by my mail. If someone tried to edit and making a unacceptable or bad pages, I will undo it. If you really want to ask me, talk to my Talk page. I'm doing a work or a job, playing games and watching YouTube a lot. So remember, respect is everything.

My Toons

Things I like to do

1. Play with friends

2. Racing Game

3. Playing Gran Turismo

4. Look after the Toontown Wiki

5. Playing DiRT 3

6. Watch on YouTube

7. Playing Bloons Tower Defense

8. Playing Bloons Monkey City

9. Playing Race Driver GRID

10. Playing Bloons Tower Defense Battles

11. Playing Grand Theft Auto

12. Look after my profile userpage

13. Playing Rocket League

14. Playing Five Nights at Freddy's

15. Playing Town of Salem

16. Playing Fancy Pants Adventures

17. Playing My Little Pony

18. Playing Bendy and the Ink Machine

My Best Friends

1. Queen Rosie

2. Black Alley

3. Green Fox

4. Katiemagicsparkles

5. Kit

6. Good ol' Popcorn

7. Rico

8. Joey

9. Magical Pink Mouse

10. Gamzee

11. Mintz

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