• I live in Behind you.
  • I was born on April 9
  • My occupation is I am a professional nerd. Jk.
  • I am male

Hi! I joined Toontown in April 2010.

As of October 27, 2010 my toons are:

Crazy Rocco, yellow cat, 108 laff

  • Cog suits: HW17, BC8, BS2, PP2
  • Gags: Pixie Dust, Trapless, Hypno-goggles, Opera Voice, Wedding Cake, Geyser, Big Weight
  • Newest suit upgrade: Bossbot- Promoted from FL5 to PP2!
  • Newest gag: Lure- got Hypno-goggles!
  • Newest Laff Boost: Gardening- got 1st trophy!

Uber Rocco, orange cat, 25 laff UBER-IN-TRAINING

  • Cog Suits: 4/10 pieces of Sellbot suit
  • Gags: Whistle, Cream Pie Slice, Squirt Gun
  • Newest suit upgrade: Sellbot- Got fourth piece of suit!
  • Newest gag: Sound- got Whistle!
  • Newest laff-up: N/A HE IS AN UBER LOL

Beary Rocco, green bear, 17 laff

  • Gags: Cupcake, Squirting Flower
  • Newest suit upgrade: N/A
  • Newest gag: N/A
  • Newest Laff-up: Toontasks

Scary Rocco, black cat, 20 laff

  • Gags: Cream Pie Slice, Squirt Gun
  • Newest Suit Upgrade: N/A
  • Newest gag: Squirt- got Squirt Gun!
  • Newest laff-up: Toontasks


  • October 31, 2010- Ah, the spoooookiest day of the year has arrived, and with it the (in)famous Black Cat Day! I have made a new toon named Scary Rocco, and I am planning on making him dropless. I have made drastic progress on him today, and he is about half way done with Toontown Central's tasks. I was lucky enough to get him a 114-laff friend. Kudos to Knotta Frayed!
  • October 27, 2010- I'm mainly focusing on the wiki and not TT much anymore because I am bored with boss battles. But still please tell me if you find an uber clan.
  • October 25, 2010- If you know of any uber clan please notify me! I would like to train my uber faster, and avoid the typical "stink." Also, I passed Flippers on the wiki :D!

A preview of the upcoming Level 8 gags...

Screen shot 2010-10-24 at 5.02.13 PM

We all want this.

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