Hi! I am Deputy Kippy Snorkeldoodle, a super amazing Toon. I have been playing since early 2008 (about three years). I am a test toon, which means I am a member of the beta-testing process.

  • 19 Laff
  • Cream Pie Slice, Glass of Water
  • Sound training in progress
  • Guppy fishing trophy

My statuses/titles on ToontownCentral Forums:

  • Toon
  • Test Toon
  • Toon Hunter
  • Toon Resistant
  • Admin

HUGE IMPORTANT-NESS!!! I am looking to start a guild. Please post on my talk page if you want to join!!!

To see a list of repair and maintenance releases, go to

Please do not post unkind or rude comments on my page. Thanks!

Russell77 9:11, 16 December 2008 (EST)Deputy Kippy Snorkeldoodle

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