Me in Toontown, back when I had a membership.

Hammy the doodle

Hammy, my doodle.

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About me

My Toon name is Skipper, and my doodle's name is Hammy. That's why my name here is Skipper&Hammy.

I am currently not very active on Toontown, but once I get another membership I will be. Untill then, I can be found in Goofy Speedway in Giggly Fields.

My main goal for the Toontown Wiki is to rebuild low quality articles, or articles that are shorter than they should be. I also like to create links on pages without them.

If you need help with gameplay and strategy, I advise you to watch Coach Zucchini on Youtube. No, I am not him.

Toons of the world unite!

Favorite Activities: Kart Racing, Fishing, Toontasks

Favorite Gag Track: Drop Gags

Favorite Neighborhood: The Brrrgh

Favorite Cogs: Lawbots

My favorite pages

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