aka Michael

  • I live in inside my laptop
  • I was born on April 24
  • My occupation is Cog Crusher
  • I am Male
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==About Me==
T-*r xD
Hi I am ToontasticToon200,
My main toon is Yippie Crinklepretzel (or Yippie for short) he's a rabbit at 22 laff points and he has chat. I get on Toontown Online everyday. I currently do not have a membership, but I am defiantly getting a 12 month membership for Christmas! I created Yippie Crinklepretzel on November 12, 2010, I've been on him ever since. I've been on this wiki with this account since December 11, 2010.{{Template:Toonprofile
|Toon Name = Yippie Crinklepretzel
|Toon Color and Species = Green Rabbit
|Laff # = #22 laff points
|SOUNDGAG = Training..
|THROWGAG = [[Cream Pie Slice]] (latest gag I received)
|SQUIRTGAG = [[Squirt Gun]] (latest squirt gag I received)
|BOSSBOTSUIT = N/A|image = screenshot-Sun-Dec-05-14-08-34-2010-91921.jpg}}
'''Note''': My old account was [[User:ToontasticToon200|ToontasticToon200]], I just made a new wiki account and copied all the info to here.
==My contributions==
*[ My contributions]
==My Plans==
*Get a Toontown Membership for Yippie.
*Improving this wiki.
*Become a admin on this wiki
*Becoming friends with a Cog.
*<strike>Meet Freckles</strike>
*Meet Freckleslam
==Best friends on toontown==
This are not all my friends these are just my best friends:
*Mad Kitty
*Big Sister
*Buster Nicklenoodle
*Snow Frosty
==My Favorite Pages==
*[[Toontown Central]]
*[[Donald's Dock]]
*[[Mr. Hollywood]]
==My Clan==
==My tracker==
- My tracker will tell you when and where I'm on Toontown Online
This tracker is currently under repairs...
Even that is says Offline, I might be Online or Offline, like I said its under repairs!
Toontown Online Status: Offline
*Current Toon:Yippie Crinklepretzel
*Current Toontown District:
*Toontown Playground:
*Toontown Building:
*Toontown Street:
==My Photos==
There will be more photos soon!
<gallery type="slideshow" widths="350">
OMG a Ghost dog fising!.jpg|OMG, A ghost dog fishing!
Buzz in Toontown Central Playground.jpg|My best friend, Buzz!
I dont want to be your picture!.jpg|I guess he doesn't like being in pictures! LOL!
Radish and the Snowman, cute!.jpg|Happy Holidays! 12-8-10
screenshot-Fri-Dec-10-14-33-53-2010-72891.jpg|Me and my friend, Cream about to Race!
Me and some friends fighting 3 cogs ddock12710.jpg
screenshot-Fri-Dec-10-14-29-24-2010-68363.jpg|Me and [[Goofy]]
screenshot-Fri-Dec-10-16-38-01-2010-2573.jpg|What a crowd!
screenshot-Fri-Dec-10-18-09-22-2010-56097.jpg|Me and my friend, Buzz fighting some cogs.
Toontown's Secret Waterfall.jpg|Toontown's Secret Waterfall!
coggallera.jpg|The Cog Galley
screenshot-Fri-Dec-10-17-08-21-2010-14301.jpg|My doodle crying
screenshot-Fri-Dec-10-17-35-10-2010-34146.jpg|Me and some cogs in a battle with toons, LOL!
Buzz doing the creepy head glitch.jpg|omg look at my friend buzz!
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