aka Venom

  • I was born on December 29
  • My occupation is Gamer
  • I am Male
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I'm Venom, I am what you would call an avid internet user. You can practically find me anywhere!
I'm a huge gamer like so many of you out there, and collecting is my passion getting a new addition to my gaming collection gives me the best feeling in the world!
Here are some of my '''Favorite '''games I have ever played!
<gallery widths="310">
download (2).jpg|'''This Is My Favorite Game Of All Time'''
Toons-of-tt-800.jpg|Its Obscure But I Couldn't Imagine Living My Life Without It... R.I.P
OcarinaofTime.jpg|Nuff Said
download (3).jpg|An Amazing Game I Would Recommend To Anyone
</gallery> '''Thats Just Listing A Few!'''
Other then that im just the gamer/geek!

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