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About me

Hello, I'm Vultraz. My name on Toontown is James with a laff of 109. I have full gag tracks in Throw, Squirt, and Sound. My lowest track is in Trap, and I do not have anything in the Drop track.

I am a Veteran Toontown player - I have been playing since 2004, and I remember a time when my graphics card could not handle Toontown.. boy, that was long back then!


  • Making weird templates for the front page
  • Colorful images
  • Using the Front Page as a sandbox for my newest templates there
  • Sky Theme
  • Banning Vandals
  • Making things complicated and long
  • Making things simple and short (I now realise that the objective of an article is being easy to read, not looking like a giant block of unneccesary text.)


  • Deleters
  • Spammers
  • Vandals

One more thing to note; I don't play Toontown anymore - sorry, no public meetings. I'm playing Minecraft now.

Also: I will be returning to this wiki from time to time, but I will no longer be making any major updates, only minor corrections and side notes.

My favorite pages

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  • Favorite page #2
  • Favorite page #3
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