[http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/24800000/nanna-sellphone-toontown-24896325-135-260.jpg == if you could creat a new cog what would it be? == Due to be closed on: {{subst:#time: H:i, j F Y "(UTC)"|+14 days}}

Comments:]i just answed a blog qustion called wahat is your idea of a level 8 gag? and i want to do some thing like that too id realy like to sea pepole make up cogs just for fun ! mine would be nana sell phone a a example weakness sound and monny .the reason her weakness is sound is because she's a nanny and nanny's don't like noise she strangely has 3 hair colors i cu-dint makeup mi mind witch to chose so the colors are white purple and gray black. [1]

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