Hey Toons! Sadly, Man for the job and Flippers are no longer active. Both are bureaucrats, and they are capable of promoting users to administrators or rollbacks, which non-bureaucrats cannot do. As of now, the wiki is coming to the state of adoption.

  • Adoption, in Wikia terms, is someone who will receive bureaucrat and/or admin rights to the inactive wiki.
    • A wiki becomes available if:
  1. No administrator and/or bureaucrat are active for the last 60 days.
  2. No sustained editing from any user.
  3. You have at least contributed to the wiki.
  4. You have not been blocked.
  5. You are not a sockpuppet, or a user who uses multiple accounts.

As of now, this wiki is not up for adoption to any user, since there are active admins. However, since there is no active bureaucrat, any user who has permission from the community, especially from the admins, is able to adopt the wiki.

The following candidates can adopt this wiki:

You may be wondering, "Why isn't Bermuda up there?!" Well, one thing, I don't want the rights, so please don't choose me.

Anyways, there will be no poll voting. To keep things fair, only users who have been on the wiki for at least 30 days or users who have made 500 edits (either one) can vote. To vote, please comment below. You must have a reason why you chose that user. Otherwise, your vote will not be counted. I, Bermuda, will decide whether your vote is acceptable or deniable.

Good luck to GamerPerson or Theevina!

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